Padel: What you need to know about this Family-Friendly sport.


Well yesterday I played with my son who is 12, my friend who is his mid-40s and his dad who is in his mid-70s. I won’t disclose my own age for now mainly for privacy reasons.

“It’s amazing and so much fun!” my son shouted as we won our first match in Padel as a team. My friend’s dad enjoyed it too, he was an avid tennis player for a long time but last few years it was getting more and more difficult for him to run and perform tennis drills. However, during the Padel game he competed furiously taking advantage of the glass and positioning himself well. He didn’t enjoy playing sports like this for years.

People don’t realize is that Padel is a very family-friendly sport. It can sometimes be difficult to get children and the elderly to engage with a new sport. For youngsters there are so many other distractions, most of them involving screens, for the elderly it’s the fear of injury and the need to run that puts a lot of pressure on the joints that keeps them away from trying new activities. If this does apply to you and your family, Padel Tennis might be the sport that’s right for you.

Padel is a racquet sport that can be played in singles or doubles. It combines elements of both tennis and squash but is played on a smaller court and the ball moves at a slower speed because you play it with a racquet that absorbs most of the shock.
Just like in tennis, the ball must bounce before you can hit it back to your opponent. From this point, the game is simpler than tennis, which makes it a great option for youngsters.

The entire court can be used and, as in squash, the ball is allowed to bounce of the walls (or the fence). The slower speed of the ball also makes it a good option for those who don’t usually play racquet sports.

In addition to being easier than tennis, Padel has other attributes that make it a good game for younger players. First and foremost, it is a fun game! Second, it’s a great sport that keeps younger players (even some adults!) away from screens and keeps them active. As you can play in teams, it also encourages and develops communication skills, teamwork and so on.

Padel is a convenient sport for everyone, be it amateurs or professionals, and people of all ages can enjoy this game. It is indeed a perfect activity to stay in shape and enjoy with friends. There’s no denying that being active and having a healthy lifestyle helps us to remain fit and fine. Age is not a barrier when it comes to Padel. In that sense it is a rewarding sport and easy to play, making it a perfect option for people of all ages.