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A state-of-the-art indoor Padel, Tennis and Mind & Body Studio that enables sports enthusiasts in Dubai to enjoy a performance-focused experience. The only facility in Dubai that offers the best in sports tech with on-court training & coaching with pro-level feedback to up your game. At PurePlay Padel, we offer professional padel training and padel and tennis coaching to people of all ages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a fast-paced, social sport that is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. The great advantage of padel (and probably why the sport has become so popular) is that it is suitable for all ages and levels, since it is not dependent on strength and serving competency.

A padel game is always played with four people. Two persons per side. The court is 10 meters by 10 meters per side.

How long does a game of padel take? A competitive padel match is usually played as best of three sets. Paddle matches last similar lengths of times to standard tennis and very much depends on the length of rallies and the number of games played in each set. A set can last from 15 to 20 minutes up to an hour

Scientific research has shown that regular padel practice appears to be recommended to improve physical fitness and promote health, both in adults and children.

Playing tennis has many health benefits including:
โ€“ increasing aerobic capacities.
โ€“ lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure.
โ€“ improving metabolic function.
โ€“ increasing bone density.
โ€“ lowering body fat.
โ€“ improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility.
โ€“ increasing reaction times.

The results, published in Sports Health, revealed that the tennis players had โ€˜significantly greaterโ€™ musculoskeletal health than the people who went to the gym, went running or cycling.